Upgrade your iPhone and iPad to iOS 10.3 now

iOS 10.3 is now available for iPhone and iPad users to download and upgrade their devices. If you have not seen iOS 10 updates yet, don’t worry, you will get it soon. First update of iOS 10 was rolled in month of September 2016. After that we have seen further upgrades to iOS 10.1, iOS 10.2 and right now iOS 10.3.

To update your device first back up your iPhone or iPad to reduce chances of your data loss. Then click on message you have got in notification for updates. If you have not got yet, be relax and wait a little. You will get soon updates message on your phone screen.

Download iOS software on your phone

Before starting download latest iOS software, make sure your phone battery is fully charged and power socket and charger is near to you. In case of low battery plugin your charger and connect with Wi-Fi. I will recommend Wi-Fi instead of mobile data to download iOS software, as download file will be big enough.

First you have to open “Setting” from your applications menu and then look for “General” and tap on it. In general you will see “Software Updates” Tap on it and then iOS 10.3 update will appear. Now you have to tap on “Download and Install”.

During download and installing your iPhone or iPad will not be usable, so it is recommended to update your device in night time. Before going to bed keep your mobile on charge and start download. In morning you will see fully upgraded iPhone/iPad to iOS 10.3.

Updating your iPhone and iPad to iOS 10.3 using iTunes

In first method you can directly download iOS on your phone without assistance of PC or Mac. But you can also update your device through iTunes.

To update your device to iOS 10.3 through iTunes, first you have to download latest version of iTunes in your PC or Mac and install. Now connect your phone with PC or Mac through data cable, but make sure drivers are already installed. After some time your PC/Mac will recognize your phone and iTunes will automatically open.

When iTunes open, select the device you have connected with your PC from left upper corner. In new window click on “Check for updates”. Now iOS 10.3 update will appear, then click on “Download and Update”. If new updates doesn’t appear in this area don’t worry and wait for some days you will get it.

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