Samsung Galaxy S8: Hidden feature, no body told you before

Samsung Galaxy S8 is upcoming smart phone with some cool features.  This phone already surprised their customers with these features but feature of Bluetooth 5 is something different and new. With advancement in wireless transmission technology, this phone will be loaded with Bluetooth 5. Galaxy S8 is first phone to have this technology. It is expected that Sony Xperia Z Premium will also have it, but for now it is only in Samsung Galaxy S8.

samsung galaxy S8

What is so special in Bluetooth 5

This technology with the name of “Bluetooth 5” got some new features. This version have range of 1000 feet which is almost four times of the previous version of Bluetooth. With this technology you would be able to transfer or receive files within 1000 feet. Bluetooth 5 will also allow you to hear music during work and putting your phone on charge.

Samsung Galaxy s8

Samsung was able to introduce even cooler feature in Galaxy s8 with the help of Bluetooth 5 technology, According to Samsung’s official website. With the help of Dual Audio, two listeners can connect their wireless headphones or ear buds with one mobile phone and both can enjoy the music. Now you will not have to share your ear buds to share music with your loved ones, because they can easily connect with the same smartphone and enjoy the music.


Samsung Galaxy S8


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