The New Razer Blade Stealth: Full Review and Benchmarks

The most unexpected surprises in the early year is the razer blade stealth. The razer blade stealth has a high end ultra book that mainly differentiate them with other pc. Razer is also a gamming brand but it is not a gamming laptop. Its work basically match with the dell xps 13. Razer stealth laptop is pure ultra book .It has a Chroma backlit keyboard and below the finger light show unmatched by anyone. This laptop is highly made and are slim in size and shape .They have a high end ultra book which lead similarities with Lenovo Asus , dell, apple having seventh generation core I series chips. It is a compromised experience .A razer blade stealth laptop is now available in UK ,and their several model going up to £1950 .In Australlia stealth start with AU$1480 . But with an older CPU.

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The razer blade stealth laptop looks like a mini gamming laptop. Its design taken from thin and light MSI gaming machine .It has an aluminum shell and sharp edges and curved corners. The great clue of it gamming background is a razer green logo. Which become a light up and laptop become switch on. This laptop looks good outside. They have a keyboard. Which suffer the same fate. Each key are coated by a wet looking sheet. It has a same touchscreen as the DELL XP13. And a screen becomes 13mm thick. The strongest design feature of that laptop is that it has a gigantic bezel that surrounds it. The touch screen is 12.5 inch panel and it weight is 1.29kg.

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The razer blade stealth laptop has a finest keyboard. Which have a shallow action. The keyboard contains a key having decent sizes and backlit too and they are comfortable when typing for a long period. The most important feature of this laptop is RGB backlighting unlike most other gamming laptop. The key are individually light. Which mean every key can display different colors and have a colorful wave pattern. The razor blade stealth laptop has a fine touchpad having a high performance.



The main model of Razer blade stealth laptop starts with 2560 ×1440 IGZO touch screen and having 12.5inches and a 13.3inch panet. The problem of this screen is that in this screen everything looks tiny unless you turn window 10s display the scaling option is maximum. They have not a high resolution when playing games and watching high resolution videos such as 4k Net fix. And also a higher spec model will also become with 3840×2160 resolution. This model is only available with a 1TB SSD. But also that screen resolution will case greater scaling problem. The razer blade stealth laptop has fine speakers. They are loud clear and having high amount of depth. Their sound will really happy yourself and a finest sounding.



  • Display size is 12.5 inch.
  • Touchscreen is 1440 pixel.
  • Intel graphics is 620.
  • Storage is 256 GB.
  • Memory is 16 GB. SD RAM is 1866 MHz.
  • 2.7-3.5 GHZ. Dual core Intel core i7 7500U.
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ac. Bluetooth 4.1.
  • Thunderbolt /USB-C3.1, 2×USB 3.0,.
  • 1×HDMI 2.0mm headset.
  • Weight 1.24 kg.
  • Operating system window 10 home (64bit).
  • Manufacture razer.
  • Price £1249.99.
  • CPU is 2.5GHz.
  • Graphics is 1024MB.Intel graphics HD 520.
  • Power and battery. Compact 165W adapter and 70Mh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery.
  • Input and output: anti ghosting keyboard with Chroma backlighting. Thunder bolts 3(USB-C).USB 3.0 port×2(super speed).HDMI audio and video (4k at 60Hz) output. Built-in webcam (2.0Mp).

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The razer blade stealth laptop is a high performance laptop. It is slimmer and lighter than other laptop like Dell and Apple. The base model of razer blade stealth laptop includes corei7 processor and chroma backlit keyboard and the external graphics box for gamming is promising. Due to their performance they have a top notch value in a laptop. And having a great looking 4k screen on the top end model. It is a portable gamming laptop and it will completely change the gaming experience for many of us out there.



Some of the user reported that the new razer blade stealth laptop has become heated while gamming.  The price of this laptop start with $1900.00. If we go to the smaller storage it might putt offs a number a customers. But this laptop worth the price and we will not regret and spending much more money on this impressive machine. Battery life of razer blade stealth becomes nosedive with 4k screen.


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