galaxy s8 six amazing features that will kill iPhone 7

Samsung Galaxy S8 uncovered its new smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Last time Samsung recalled their new launched Samsung Note 7 when some users report overheating and blasting of Note 7. This time Samsung launched its new phone Galaxy S8 with innovative developments which has the capability to hit the market.

6 best features of Samsung galaxy S8 and S8+ will make this phone better than the Apple’s smartphone. This time Samsung incorporated best feature which will kill iPhone 7 in market.

  1. Facial Recognition

Samsung brought this special feature of facial recognition in this device, which was also available in Note 7. This phone have built in application which let the user to record their face from different sides and this smartphone use this data to unlock phone when recorded and user face are same.


  1. Iris Scanner

This is an advance security feature, Samsung incorporated in this device to provide their user best security. This phone uses scanner to recognize Iris of the user to unlock the phone which is currently not available in any other phone. This feature was firstly incorporated in Note 7 which was failed.

  1. Infinity Display

The best feature of this phone is named with “Infinity Display”. Screen glass of this phone cover almost full area of the phone front and smoothly curved on both edges. Pressure sensor is mounted below the screen instead of home button. This pressure sensor sense thumb pressure and active function of home button.

Larger display screen of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ accommodated in very small area of 5.8 inched and 6.2 inches respectively. Top and bottom area are of the phone is minimized.

  1. Dex Station

Samsung announced new feature of Samsung Galaxy S8 with the name of “Dex Station”. This feature gives its user a complete experience of PC. It’s mean that you would be able to transform your phone into PC. In collaboration with popular software company Microsoft, the South Korean Manufacturer working to optimize interface of these popular software for Dex station users.

  1. Bixby Digital Assistant

Like Apple’s Siri, this phone have great feature named Bixby Digital Assistant which is unveiled by the company this month. This voice command assistant provide an ease for its users to search for images, shop and collect detailed information of nearby places with new technology of image recognition and geo location system.

  1. Non-combustible Batteries

Battery of this phone was special focused of by Samsung and their engineers. Because last year Samsung suffered from $5 billion loss when all Note 7 were called back due to battery fault which leads to fire. After this incident Samsung carried an investigation and found that fire caused by design flaw in Li-Ion, high capacity battery.

This time Samsung ensure the quality of battery by familiarizing 8-point battery safety check. Battery is putted through extreme testing  and inspected by human eye and X-ray machine.


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